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You entered my life
To wipe away my tears,
It's only you that listens
When nobody hears.

Your gentle face you lower
When I whisper in your ear,
Those special words in return
Only I can hear.

Your special "I know"
From your heart it does show,
The happiness you give
You make my heart glow.

You've taken the weak
And raise their head high,
You've taught them to smile
And not to cry.

Now pass these Secret Words
To each person you meet,
"I'll be the horse of your dreams
And lift you to your feet."

We were fragile and weak
Discouraged galore,
You taught us to fly
With our wings we soar.

Please pass those wings along
To the next person you lead,
Keep your soft gentle face
Close to those in need.

-Wendy Vail, 1998



Chris Hipsher 2001